Regional Sustainability Links

Sustainability Initiatives in Southeastern Massachusetts


U.S. Greenbuilding Council

Environmental Business Council - New England, Inc.

Massachusetts Technology Collaborative

Northeast Energy Efficiency Council

Northeast Sustainable Energy Association

South Coast Massachusetts

South Shore Community Action Council



Community Preservation Committee
Conservation Comission

Conservation Comission

Marine Advisory Board

Growth Management Study Committee
Bike Path Committee

Soil Conservation Board

Community Preservation Committee

Alternative Energy Committee
Tree Committee

Ashley's Peaches

Mattapoisett River Valley Water Supply Comission

Stonebridge Farm

Mattapoisett River Valley Water Supply Protection Advisory Committee

Silverbrook Farm

Cultural Council

Keith's Farm

Water and Sewer Department

Forgotten Fields Organics

Helfand Farm


How on Earth - The Store

Log Cabin Acres

Langdon Farms Pasta Sauce

The Clover Path Garden

Spring Meadow Farm

Flying Cloud Orchands

Peters Family Orchard & Cider Mill

Pine Hill Farm

Economic & Community Development

Conservation Comission


Community Preservation Committee

Attleboro Recycles

Water/Sewer Department

Attleboro Clean Energy News

Soule Homestead Education Center

Office of Community Development
Middleboro Farmers Market

Council on Human Rights

Freitas Farm

Conservation Comission

The Dahlia Farm

Attleboro Land Trust

Journey's End Ranch

Oak Knoll Wildlife Sanctuary (Mass. Audobon) Maxim Farm

Attleboro Farmers Market

Rock Village Cranberry Company

Attleboro Farms

Seven Arrows Farm

New Bedford

Sustainable Greater New Bedford


Community Development

Conservation Comission

Environmental Stewardship

Soil Conservation Board

Forestry Office

Kettle Pond Farm

New Bedford Harbor

Solid waste and Recycling Division


Wastewater Division

Community Preservation Committee
Water Division

Agricultural Comission

New Bedford Farmers Market

Conservation Comission

Crystal Lake Greenhouses

North Attleborough

Carver Farmers Market

Solid Waste collection and Recycling

Flax Pond Farms

Attleboro Farms

Fresh Meadows Farm

Web of Life Farm


Cohenno's Farm Stand

Conservation Comission

Open Space Committee


Water/Sewer Department

Alternative Energy Committee
Norton's Produce

Bike Pathways Committee (meeting schedule) Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary

Community Preservation Committee
Norton Brothers Fruit Farm

Conservation Comission

Second Nature Farm

Cultural Council

Soil Conservation Board


Solid Waste Advisory Committee
Conservation Comission

Waterways Management Committee
Water & Sewer Department

Dartmouth Natural Resource Trust
Energy Committee

The Coalition of Buzzards Bay

Lloyd Center For the Environment

Cornell Farms (The Trustees of Reservations) Conservation Comission

South Dartmouth Farmer's Market
Tree Warden

Aries Farm

Solid Waste Committee

Alderbrook Farm

Olson's Greenhouses

Paskamansett Farms

Silverbrook Farm


Brix Bounty Farm

Agricultural Comission

Eva's Garden

Conservation Comission

Apponagansett Bay Vineyard / Salt Creek Vineyard Agricultural & Natural Resources Preservation Council

Coastal Vineyards

Oakdale Farms

King Farm

Rehoboth Farmers Market

Manny's Vineyard

Farmer's Garden

Merrylegs Farm

Dufort Farms

Quansett Gardens

Rosasharn Farm & CSA

Quansett Nurseries

Round The Bend Farm


Sharing The Harvest Community Farm
Conservation Comission

Tavares Hillside Farms

Soil Board

The Best Damn Granola Co.

Rochester Land Trust

Lucky Field Organics


Rochester Farmers Market

Araujo Farms & Greenhouses

Cornerstone Farm

E.L. Silvia Farms

Cervelli Farm

Alanda Farm

East Over Reservation

Chestnut Tree Corner Farm

Artisan Kitchen

Kerstrat Farm

Earth Sisters

Silva Farms

Sippican River Farm

Stonehill Farm

Teal Farm

The Buckle Farm

Christine LaPointe Horticulture

Estabrook Farm


Great American Corn Maze & Farm

Community Preservation Committee
Rabbit Run Nursery

Conservation Comission

Fairhaven Farmers Market


Fairhaven Sustainability Initiative
Conservation Comission

DeNormandie Farm

Community Preservation Committee

J.H. Beaulieu Livestock And Produce Farm Public Work, Trash & Recycling

Viveiros Farm

Four Town Farm

Muscovy Ducks

Osamequin Farm

Fall River


Conservation Comission

Conservation Comission

Community Development Agency
Canuel Farm

Watuppa Water Board

Fall River Bike Committee


Adirondack Farm

Conservation Comission

Ferreira Garden

Baker Farm

Silvia Project

Simcock Farm

Johnson's Roadside Farm Market


Community Preservation Act


Conservation Comission

Conservation Comission

Local Cultural Council

Taunton River Stewardship Council

Water & Sewer Comission

Solid Waste Committee

Beehavin' Apiary

Planning, Zoning and Conservation

Jonathan Sprouts

Economic and Community Development

Quittacas Farm

Rocheleau Water Filtration Plant

Taunton River Watershed Alliance


Center for Watershed Protection

Conservation Comission

Tauton Farmers Market

Energy Advisory Committee

Open Space Committee


Water Comission

Clean Water Committee

Anastas Farm

Community & Economic Development Authority (CEDA)

Highland Cranberry Company

Community Development Advisory Council

Hickory Knoll Farm

Community  Events Committee

Little Spring Farm

Bike Path Committee

Mocking Bird Hill Christmas Tree
Marion Institute

Stephanie's Perennials

Bull Frog Acres

Windy Hill Farm

Willows Cranberries

The Blueberry Patch


A.D. Makepeace Cranberry Company

Conservation Comission

Coyne Bog Blues

Garden Club of Mansfield

Keep Mansfield Beautiful


Natural Resources Trust of Mansfield
Agricultural Comission

Flint Farm

Conservation Comission

Community Preservation Committee


Economic Development

Community Preservation Committee
Estuaries Project Committee

Conservation Comission

Transfer Station & Recycling Center

Marine Resources Comission

Massachusetts Audubon Society Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary

Energy Management Committee
Hilltop Farm

Pathways Committee

Tripp's Dairy Farm

Open Space Acquisition Comission
Run Dog Run Farm

Tree Committee

Martin's Cheese Co.

Water Committee

Sampson Farm

Marion Institute

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Great Hill Blue

Interesting links


Useful Readings


  • Energy bulletin a not too technical description of peak oil with links to more specific and related topics


  • Kates,R.W ,Parris, T.M. and Leiserowitz, A.A "What is Sustainable Development? Goals, Indicators, Values and Practice" Background on the emergence of the sustainability movement. Discusses in work and acheivements of the various international and national efforts in general, but enlightening terms. Definitions, Goals, Indicators, Values, and Practice of sustainability are addressed.




  • San Francisco Farmshed Assessment: An investigation into how and to what extent people in the city can improve their wellbeing by eating locally. at:
  • PACE Program: Purchase of Agricultural Conservation Easements -A summary of plus important information about farm and ranch land protection programs in 23 states that have funded agricultural conservation easement acquisitions.
  • Farmland Protection Toolbox: Brief synopsis of different policies and programs bein implemented to preserve farmland:Includes: Agricultural Protection Zoning To conservation Easements, to Farm Viability Programs, right to Farm laws and Tax Relief Programs plus a table showing the farmland protection activity in various states.
  • Rutgers Food Innovation Center: This is a unique business incubation and economic development accelerator program, which provides business and technology expertise to startup and established food companies in the mid-Atlantic region, and utilizes its outreach capacity to reach food and agribusinesses throughout the world.
  • Foodshed analysis and its relevance to sustainability
  • FoodShed analysis research project from Cornell University: This website describes initiatives underway in New York State. The goal of this research has been to develop models for evaluating the food production potential of the state's agricultural land relative to the food needs of its population



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